Jul 22, 2008

Our Big Fat Greek Adventure

On July 4th, Justin and I set out on an adventure with some good friends of ours, Kurt and Lindsay to spend a wonderful 10 days in Greece. It's overwhelming to think about blogging all that we did, so in the following posts I'll show and talk about some of the highlights from the trip. To get all the gory details about how we almost made our own version of "LOST" on the flight over there, making a detour landing in Boston while hydraulic fluid leaked from our plane, how we stranded our friends in London for a day, or how my toes swelled to the size of Vienna sausages, well, you'll just have to give us a call to hear all that! If you just want to see some gorgeous pictures of Greece, then continue on. You can click on the links below to read more about the different parts of our trip. This was certainly one trip we will never forget!

Athens: City of History
Beautiful Santorini: A Great time with friends


Breenette said...

Man..I was jealous when Lindsay told me you guys all went there together. Now, I am officially GREEN with envy! I am sooo gonna have to get some notes from you on traveling to Greece cause this is a trip I have talked about wanting to take for YEARS!

The pics are AMAZING! You guys astound me with your photography skillz!

allyo said...

I am so jealous. My family is Greek and that is one of our goal in life; take a family trip to Greece. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. You look amazing.

julie mosley said...

Gorgeous pictures! looks like it was fabulous trip!