Jul 19, 2008

Acrotiri - "our" side of the island

Acrotiri was the side of the island our hotel was on, so it felt the most like "home." We stayed on this side most nights. We'd either head down to black beach to eat dinner on the beach. Or, we'd head on over to the tip of the island for dinner and sunset chasing once again.

This was probably our favorite Greek restaurant in Santorini. It was a whopping 1 minute drive from our hotel, and also had a great view of the sunset. The best part though had to be our waiter. He wore this black fabric around his head like a pirate, so all night the boys would be talking and answering in pirate talk! We actually came here two different nights because we liked it to much. Great cheesy appetizers, creamy saucy chicken dishes and great baklava and molten lava cake made for a very yummy dinner. And even better was the atmosphere, we'd stay for hours just talking over dinner.
This lighthouse was at the tip of the island and it felt like you were so far away from everything looking out into the ocean. The boys got all National Geographic on us and took way too many pictures of the lighthouse and moon. Here are just a couple!

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