Jul 19, 2008

Temple of Poseidon

We ended our stay in Athens by grabbing a cab down to a city about an hour south to see the Temple of Poseidon at sunset. Ahhh, this was the most gorgeous temple of all, mainly because it rested overlooking the Aegean sea!! What wouldn't be gorgeous with that backdrop? Here we had a little "photo shoot" with the Hutsons trying to catch some good group pics of all of us together. The best part was afterwards eating dinner at the restaurant just under the temple. Justin claims this last pic after sunset as the "picture of the trip." This whole night was my favorite of our sightseeing adventures in Athens...between the beautiful view and the amazing architecture, mixed with some good food and time with friends, it was one of the highlights of our time there.

Just look at that view getting close to sunset! Makes me want to go back!
Time for the Photo-shoot. People were laughing at us how many pictures we were taking. We didn't care...we were bound and determined to get some good ones. This first one makes me smile, it looks like a family portrait or something.

And this was our view from the outdoor patio at dinner! We couldn't believe we were sitting there eating with that in the background! Note Justin's mad National Geographic picture-taking skills. Not an easy pic to get clearly at night...I was very impressed!
What a great way to end our stay in Athens!

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Megan McCurry said...

How have y'all managed to travel so much!?? So fun!!

-Megan McCurry