Jul 19, 2008

Santorini Beaches

Santorini's beaches are all unique because they are all made of tiny pieces of volcanic rock. A huge volcano exploded on the islands years and years ago, so the beaches are made of red or black rock. Each day we went to go explore a different beach. I loved the beaches here because they each had these little umbrella cabanas with lawn chairs you could rent for the day. Plus most beaches had a whole strip of great restaurants right behind them you could grab lunch or snacks at. Although the water was a little cold and pretty salty, we had the best time relaxing there every day!

Red Beach
You had to hike a bit to even get to this beach. I loved how hidden it was though, tucked away behind that huge red rock. The rocks on this beach were like those smooth stones used in hot stone massages. We had some great front row seats to this beach one day.
Black Beach
We spent most of our days checking out the many black beaches in Santorini. Because of the black pebbles, you had to wear flip flops until right up to the water. No feet in the sand here! Lots of days with sunscreen, a good book, goggles to see the fishies with, and nothing but time to kill. Most days we were so relaxed we forgot to take any pictures! We were bound and determined to on our last day there.
Each day on the beach, we'd stop for lunch to get some Gyros to go in some street cafes like these. The boys ended up craving these things. I think we may have to find ourselves a Greek restaurant somewhere here in Dallas to get them some.

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