Jul 19, 2008

Oia's Beautiful Sunsets

Oia was another beautiful spot on the island, on the exact opposite end from where our hotel was. One night we drove over there to look around at the shops, eat dinner and experience one amazing sunset.

Lindsay and I found this cool jewelry shop and bought these necklaces for ourselves. Sadly, we also each bought jewelry for our family and our cleaning lady at the hotel threw the bags away on accident! yikes. Luckily, we both were wearing ours so we still have it!
And another yummy dinner overlooking the caldera.
We then walked to the tip of the city/island to watch the sunset. We were amazed at the hundreds of people who were crowding the streets and buildings just to watch this gorgeous event. I love that nothing can replicate God's beauty! It was definitely worth the wait to see. When the sun finally set, everyone watching started clapping!

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