Jul 19, 2008

Winery Tour

One night the four of us decided to go to a winery and take a tour of how they make their wine. It was fun since when we went we were the only ones there! Because Santorini is so dry, they don't produce many crops, but grapes is one thing they do grow well. Because the rock is volcanic, they don't have problems with pesky insects, so all their wine is grown organically. Also, since it's so windy here, they have to protect each vine inside one of these thick branchy things. (technical term of course). Going inside the cellarAfter the grapes are smashed by feet, the juice runs down into this well. The basket catches all the skins and pulp while the juice runs down into the hole. In the old days it used to stay down there to ferment. Now they have modern fermentation metal vats they use instead.
I forget what happens in this room. ha. The windows are important I remember that much. :) And the three of them enjoying their sampling of Santorini wine. Although I was a little left out, we did buy two bottles that we brought home. We'll save at least one for some special occasion I'm sure.
Justin and I went to one other winery that has this incredible view!

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