Jul 22, 2008

Athens: City of History

To kick off our trip, the Hustons and us spent three days together in Athens. It's amazing how much history is found there, and how well it's been preserved out in the open. I was especially excited to see it all, because I taught Ancient Greece to my 3rd grade AIM kids last year. It really does make a difference when you know a little history before you go. It was dry and H-O-T there so we did most of our touring early in the morning until about noon, went back to play games or take a nap and rest our feet for a bit, then out again at night! I was amazed at how big the city was! Driving around the city in the cab, the white buildings seemed to go on forever. Much like a New York, just much hotter with ancient sites tucked here and there around the city. Below are some of the highlights from Athens.


Diana said...

honestly- how do you do all of this traveling? I'm loving it!

The Rowe Crew said...

Oooh...I LOVE it!!! That's one place I definitely want to go to someday. I know you guys had fun and I can't wait to hear all the details on Friday :o)