Jul 19, 2008

Beautiful Santorini

Santorini was the for sure the best part of our trip to Greece. Justin and I had so much fun hanging out with Kurt and Lindsay. We spent each day laying out on a different beach, late afternoons by the pool, then evenings going to a different part of the island to eat dinner, enjoy the sunset, and just about every night we'd play Settlers in our cabin together. Absolutely stress free, it was so relaxing. And my tired feet got a great break after all the touring in Athens.
I was surprised a little bit at how dry it was there. Although the land wasn't much to look at, people come to Santorini for the incredible view. The island is formed in the shape of a U, the cliffs overlooking a sunken volcano in the middle of the ocean. This is called the caldera. And since the water is so deep so close to the island, it makes for some deep blue water that's truly gorgeous.

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