Dec 2, 2009


This Thanksgiving the Forman Fam packed up and headed out to Florida for a week of vacation and fun with Gigi and Pop. We all crammed into our one bedroom condo and had the best time playing, hanging out, eating, talking, and relaxing!

On Thanksgiving Day, we fixed an almost-traditional meal and did our first Forman Family craft to celebrate. Got this great idea from my creative friend Elizebeth’s blog, she does it with her lifegroup each year. Basically I just had everyone trace their hand on a piece of construction paper and write down things they were thankful for this year. We put all our “hands” together to make a 2009 Thankful Wreath. It was special to hear what everyone was most thankful for and a neat little keepsake for me to put out each November. Family and Jesus were big themes from our thankful hands this year. thankfuls-1 thankfuls-2 thankfuls-3thankfuls-5 Oh, and our baby boy also loves to EAT! Here is the before/after picture from Thanksgiving. Before, very excited to get to eat, and in dad’s lap! After, crying because he wanted more ROLLS!!! What do you mean, all done?!


Plus, there are so many things we had to be thankful for from this week alone! Here are some of the things we were most THANKFUL for this week! Click the links below to see more about our Thanksgiving adventures in Florida this year.

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Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Way to go with walking, Tristan! He is so cute, Sharee! Thanks for sharing! - Katie