Nov 25, 2009

Time at the Beach

…is not something I necessarily thought I’d be thankful for over the holidays, but this year we are! When it wasn’t raining, the weather was so pretty, not too hot, not too cold. Although the waves were a little big and the ocean a bit cold, we enjoyed most just laying out in the sun soaking up some rays. And Tristan loved his little blow up pool filled with sand, ocean water and toys. I can’t believe we only got the few pictures we did! As much as we love the beach, it’s messy and requires a lot of setup, hence the camera doesn’t get picked up as much as it probably should. What was actually the best part about the beach from this trip, was the sound of the ocean waves you can hear from our back porch! I could listen to that all day!

beachtimebeachtime-3 beachtime-1 beachtime-2

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