Nov 26, 2009

Baby Pools

baby pool with dad-2

Who knew I’d ever be thankful to go spend some quality time at the BABY POOL! This was one of our favorite things to do this week. It’s easy, we all get sun minus all the gritty sand, and most of all, Tristan L-O-V-E-S it! No matter what the temperature is outside, he’s happy to jump in and play and splash. Just look how happy he is! He is for sure a water baby! Doesn’t mind going under and is very brave to try to crawl and walk and explore all over the pool. He played with all the water toys but mostly liked going on the water-coaster ride which is dad swooshing him around and throwing him up in the air. We also had lots of walking practice that seems to have paid off as well!

baby pool with dad-12baby pool with dad-10baby pool with dad-11

baby pool with dad-1 baby pool with dad-3

baby pool with dad-4baby pool with dad

forman three in baby pool

baby pool with dad-7

pool with dad

pool with dad-1

family pic at pool

gigi and pop

forman three

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