Nov 22, 2009


family beach portraits-9The thing I think all of us in the Forman Fam are thankful for this year is FAMILY!!! God has blessed us abundantly this year by giving us Tristan, and we treasure the sweet times we have together as our little family of three. Tristan has brought more joy to our lives than we could have ever imagined. Justin and I say to each other all the time, “I love our little family.” It’s been a sweet spot for us this year.

family beach portraits-13family beach portraits-4family beach portraits-5family beach portraits-8family beach portraits-7family beach portraits-3

We were even more thrilled to get to spend this sweet time with Gigi and Pop too! Tristan is one blessed little grandson to have them in his life and we are so THANKFUL for them and the time they were able to spend with us this week! We will always treasure these memories we made with you here this week! family beach portraits-10 family beach portraits-11

family beach portraits-12

family beach portraits-2

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Adams Plus One said...

Those are great family photos!