Nov 24, 2009

Relaxed Recreation

Justin and I were so thankful this year for some fun, relaxed down time together as a family. With no chores or bills or emails to send, we were able to truly get away and play together as a family. It was wonderful! Justin and Pop golfed every day, we had a round of family tennis which Tristan really picked up on. It was crazy to watch him grab the racket and try to swing! And we even got Gigi and Pop to try our favorite game one night: Settlers of Catan. So many times holidays are filled with go-go-go, cooking, cleaning, so we were very much thankful for the time to relax and have fun playing together!

Putting Around

Game Night!!!

settlers settlers-1

Going out to Eat for some good Seafood! Tristan even ate his first fish, baked Mahi-Mahi! Isn’t this the sweetest site of all the guys walking up to the restaurant?

walking with dad and pop

Playing with Gigi and Pop! Gigi’s “getting him” with a little toy truck rolling on his back. He just cracked up with tickles and asked for more and more!

gigi tickling T-1

The Perfect Hiding Spot: Tristan had more fun exploring all the rooms in the condo! His favorite was this perfect little cubby for him in the hall closet. He had fun hiding away in there, poking his head in and out!

hiding spot-1 hiding spot

A Little Amateur Tennis

tennistennis-2 tennis-1 tennis-4tennis-3tennis-5


tennis-9 tennis-6

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