Dec 1, 2009

Baby Steps to First Steps

Our baby boy is walking!!! Well, more like wobbly stepping but that counts for me! I still can’t believe it and I’m probably way more proud than I should be! I think I’m just shocked that he finally got the gusto up to try it for himself! Tristan, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and the big boy you are becoming. Okay, so here’s how it all went down…

walk in pool-1walk in pool-2 walk in pool

While we were in Florida vacationing with Gigi and Pop for thanksgiving we ALL kept trying to get this little man to walk. He loved walking with help and trying to get from the table to the couch by himself, but never would get the courage up to try walking. We tried everything to coach and entice, but nothing worked. So after dropping Gigi and Pop off at the airport on our last full day in Florida, we hopped back to the pool for one more splash. Well, Tristan decided that was the time, and took a good 3-4 steps in the baby pool as he was trying to reach the watering can he wanted. We were shocked and so proud!!! The pictures above are us trying to re-inact it! We were so happy that we could say T took his first steps in the baby pool in Florida. We know there will be many more great memories made there. Can you tell how proud Justin is?! :) DSC_0301

So then we came back home and Tristan didn’t really want to try anymore! That is, until Aunt Courtney came home. Last night at almost bedtime, she told T she wanted to see him walk. We got down on the kitchen floor, and away he went….8 steps right into Co-Co’s arms!!! The clapping and joyful screaming began! So we got T in his PJ’s and practiced using our new walking skill in his room where it’s nice and carpeted.

Walking to Aunt Co-Co

walking with coco-2walking with coco-3walking with coco-4

Walking to Dad

walking with coco walking with coco-1

Walking to Mom

walking with mom dadwalking with mom dad-1

This picture says it all, I love it. The sheer joy on Justin’s face, Tristan happy and stickin’ that tongue out concentrating, and one excited laughing momma! walking with mom dad-2 walking with mom dad-3 walking with mom dad-4

It’s THE CUTEST thing watching a baby learn to walk! The cutest! He was wobbly and so proud of himself! But no one could be prouder than mom and dad! Way to go Tristan, a whole new world is awaiting you now! walking with mom dad-5

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