Feb 1, 2010


Instead of writing Tristan his monthly letters with all the things he had accomplished that month like I did during his first year of life, I was inspired this year by my friend Elizabeth to make a monthly page to hang on our refrigerator.  Each month has a different cutsy little page and a marker hung on it.  Then, whenever Tristan does something cute, silly, or just anything I want to remember he did this month, I jot a little note on the poster. Here’s the January poster I made, nothing too fancy…   January poster

At the end of the month, I have a whole page of quirky, fun little things our little man did that month.  I’ll probably keep all the monthly pages and put them into a book at the end of the year.  And I don’t have to worry about forgetting to blog about or document the little things he does.  It’s fast and easy.

As I go, I’ll also transcribe all his new tricks and accomplishments here on the blog as well to give those grandparents an update on what’s latest in our little man’s life.  And of course no post would be complete without a few pictures too, so I’ll throw in some fun ones of us from this month.  (see below)…at the dinner table-14 In many ways, we are not sad to say goodbye to the month of January at all, as it’s marked a month of sickness for our home.  It started with a nasty stomach bug that made it’s way through Tristan, me then Justin in a matter of days.  One week gone.  House disinfected and cleaned.  The next week a cold, which sounds mild, never underestimate a cold, wreaked it’s havoc on all of us as well and has seemed to linger longer than we’ve liked. 

But, we also have TONS of things to be thankful for and smile about from this month as well…here are a few things about Tristan from the past month in no particular order…

  • found him a couple of times chewing off his sock in his car seat, usually when he’s ready to be OUT of the car seat!
  • Walked by himself around the kitchen bar.  We’re proud he learned how to walk and turn. Good job T!
  • Always wanted to be picked up and see what’s on the counter.  Says “dis?”  as he points to objects on the counter.
  • Uses “please” sign all the time when he wants something.  Signs it with a cute little “mmmmm” for emphasis.
  • He loves to flip light switches on and off. 
  • Likes helping mommy put detergent in the washing machine and see the laundry going in.  Also helps push the wet clothes into the dryer…what a helper!
  • Favorite new snack is craisins = thank you Grandma
  • Likes playing with pots and pans, especially while I’m cooking dinner
  • Started walking everywhere confidently, with a little wobble of course.  Walking finally became his preferred method of transportation which has been so fun to watch!
  • Started signing ALOT, especially when he wants something.  He uses signs for please, thank you, food, more and up.
  • Started to throw lots of things: balls, cell phones, anything he can hold.  Does this with a hand cranked waaay back and a little “uhhh” when he throws. So cute.
  • He loves opening and shutting doors.  Thinks its real funny when he shuts me in the closet while I’m putting away his clothes. 
  • Spoke his first sentence.  Said or rather yelled, “I wan my mamma!” to Aunt Co-Co several times while mom was away. 
  • He LOVES sitting in the middle of Courtney’s bed, with her and Vegas, one remote in each hand.

And now the fun stuff…Random pics from January also in no particular order.

We don’t ever take life too seriously around here…

Tristan loves hangin’ on the couch with daddy, especially if he’s got the remote!chillin with dad on couch-1 chillin with dad on couch

Our little COWBOY…

cowboy 3 cowboycowboy 2 

BUDDIES…playing with his buddy Caleb one afternoon, these pictures melt my heart!

my buddy Caleb my buddy Caleb-2Oh, and one day I looked out the back door to find THIS!  Justin’s going to kill me for posting this.  He had the incredible task of raking the leaves this month…something like 25+ bags of leaves in the FREEZING cold!  Thank you babe for all your hard work, and doing it in style! :)

 rake a yard rake a yard-1


Poefam said...
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Poefam said...

I LOVE that monthly poster!!!! I just may have to steal that!!! :) Great idea...and so much less overwhelming that trying to sit down and remember it all!!...And, I LOVED all of your new posts...somehow, I just caught up...SNOWMAN DAY was fab and you could tell Tristan LOVED it...and your Xmas vacay looked like TOO much fun! So jealous of that Disney trip! :) Love you, friend!!!