Jan 27, 2010

Snowman Day

snowman day supplies So my good friend Jessica started this really cool tradition last year of having a “Snowman Day” sometime in the month of January. It’s a fun random day in the middle of the month to bring a little spice in between Christmas and Valentines. Her hubby’s family has been doing it for years. My friend Brittney followed suit and did snowman day for her little man last year too. Both had so much fun, I had to try it for myself this year. Please know that ALL the ideas on here are purely copied from Jessica’s and Brittney’s fun snowmen days of the past! Thank you girls for your CREATIVE inspiration!

So we started the day off with a fun SNOWMAN waffle breakfast! Our breakfast man had a waffle body, craisin eyes, cereal bar hat, blueberry banana buttons, chocolate syrup smile, honey pretzel arms and marshmallows for snow! And it did rain a little syrup in the middle of breakfast too! I think the pictures can attest to the yumminess for Tristan. He LOVED it! All except for the snow, T’s takes after his mommy in his not liking marshmallows.

snowman breakfastsnowman breakfast-1snowman breakfast-2

Notice you know who in the back there eyeing Tristan’s special breakfast…hmm, I think he wants his own snow-dog breakfast too!snowman breakfast-3


snowman breakfast-4 On top of our breakfast sugar high, we read a couple of fun snowman books which Tristan semi-listened to. And played with our snowman stacking blocks. The idea being to stuff them with cotton balls and stack them like a snowman. Tristan had other ideas. Like how fun it is to put them in his mouth or bang them on the floor and hear the cool noise! And to open and shut the lids again and again.

snowman blockssnowman blocks-2snowman blocks-3snowman blocks-4

snowman blocks-1 snowman blocks-6 snowman blocks-7

Then we brought out the winter dress-up tub filled with all kinds of winter hats, scarves and gloves. I thought Tristan would get a kick out of dressing up all crazy, and I also thought maybe we’d be able to dress up Vegas. Neither idea turned out quite like I’d hoped. Tristan did think it was funny when mom started throwing on the winter garb. That’s okay, I guess boy’s aren’t supposed to like dress up anyway right?

What in the world are you doing to me mom?dress up tub-3Next, we headed to the study to watch a cute snowman cartoon on the computer. We got about 7 minutes of the 20 minute video before we were ready for our nap!

snowman movie-1 snowman movie

Little bit was off to dreamland while I got busy making our fun snowman lunch! We had a grilled ham and cheese body and hat, string cheese scarf, craisin eyes, carrot nose, grape buttons and some pretzel arms. snowman sandwhich Tristan wasn’t quite ready to eat again after he woke up from his nap, so we left snowman on the table while we went to play a little. When we came back ready to eat, this is what we found…

dog ate it

Dun, dun dun!

What happened? Who in the world might have eaten almost all of our snowman!?! the culprit

Vegas said he didn’t know, but he saw something running the other direction just as we walked up. But not to worry, after a little steam wore off, we were back to the skillet to make our snowman sandwich good as new…

good as new sandwhich

Tristan agreed fresh and new snowman sandwich tasted better than ever! MMmmmmsnowman lunchsnowman lunch-1snowman lunch-2

Then, after our yummy lunch, we headed over to listen to another silly snowman story and played with our build-a-snowman felt center. This one will be perfect for next year we decided, but Tristan did love playing with the sticks and trying to stick the buttons in his mouth. We’ll try again next year!

build a snowman-1

build a snowmanbuild a snowman-2

After that very short-lived activity we stripped down to try our luck at some snowman painting. I will admit, I did not have high hopes for Tristan to actually do this activity, but thought I’d try it just to see what happened. And to my surprise, this was Tristan’s most favorite activity of the day. He did an INCREDIBLE job dipping the Q-tips in the paint and painting the snow scene all over the page. I was so proud. He was very meticulous about it and so proud of his finished product which is proudly hanging on the front of our fridge! Looks like we’ll be bringing on the paints again soon! paintingpainting-1painting-2happy painter happy painter-1 Since T was having so much fun painting, we carried on the painting theme with our afternoon snack. A little Cool Whip painting that is. I made a little Cool Whip Snowman and let him paint/eat away. Of course he loved it! LOVED it! So much that when it was over he cried and cried and cried asking for “more please” with his signs. So bad that we took a detour trip to the park to take his mind off the Cool Whip!

And finally, after a fun, sugar-filled day of playing, stacking, building and eating, we ended Snowman Day with a Family Snowball Fight in the living room. Tristan just laughed and laughed while Justin pounded him with mounds of cotton balls. He even got pretty good at trying to “get us” with the cotton balls too. What a fun ending to a special day. Hopefully the first of many more to come!

snowball fight-2snowball fight-1

If you look real close, you can see the drool dripping down his shirt as he waits in anticipation.

snowball fight snowball fight-3

Do I have something on my head?

snowball fight-4 I’m gonna getcha dad!

snowball fight-5

Happy Snowman Day 2010!


Laura said...

So creative! I just may have to copy this in the future! Great idea when we may not see much snow here in Texas!!

The Rowe Crew said...

Oh WOW!! Y'all's snowman day was so fun and the HUGE smiles on his face tell the whole story!! What a fun day y'all had ;). I say that we do it together next year...having 2 mommies would definitely make it easier and the kiddos would love it! Can't wait to play with y'all!!

JILL said...

WOW Sharee you never seize to amaze me on your creative activities you put together and all the details you put forth. What an awesome mom you are to Tristan. :)

Love and kisses,
Grandma Jill

Sommer said...

Oh how fun Sharee!! Your sweet pics made me want to join in on the fun too!

Stephanie Hsiao said...

Wow Sharee! My first visit to your blog and I'm blown away by your creativity. WILL do snowman day at our house! So fun!