Feb 2, 2010

An Early Valentine’s Getaway

So last week, after dinner one night, Justin asks Tristan if he’d given me the picture he made for me yet.  I was smiling, wondering if Justin had done a craft with Tristan?  Then, Justin brings out this cute little note written to me from “Tristan.”  How cute is that?

  letter about getaway

I was blown away and so excited for our pre-Valentine’s weekend away.  Justin had Grandpa come in town to help Aunt Co-Co with Tristan for a night and two days while we got to getaway and have some sweet couple time together.  Believe it or not, we’d never taken a night away from our little man since he’d been born.

So we packed a small bag and left Saturday around lunch.  We went shopping a little then had a nice lunch at LaMadeline!  Justin would never usually break the doors of that place, so I was extra appreciative!  Then we went to an afternoon showing of “Up in the Air.”  Was a little disappointed in that movie, but still fun to get out and go to the movies together.

image We checked into The Renaissance Hotel in downtown Dallas, and watched Baylor scrape by a win over UT in basketball.  That was a great game.  Then, the best part, we got all dressed up to go out to dinner.  Justin got us reservations at The Captial Grille.  It’s at the bottom of the Cresent downtown and by far the nicest restaurant I’ve ever been to.  Everything was fancier than fancy and every bite we took just melted in our mouth.  We soaked up every minute!  It’s fun to play rich for a night every now and then.  Here we are all dolled up before dinner.

Valentines Weekend Getaway best-1 Valentines Weekend Getaway best-2 We slept in until 9:30 the next morning which was a dream in itself!  I’m so thankful to my wonderful hubby for making “us” time a priority and planning this special weekend just the two of us.  I love you more than ever…Happy Un-Valentines Day Love!


tiff said...

So sweet. Good job, Justin!

Nicki W. said...

you look SO beautiful!!!! fun!!!

JILL said...

I am so impressed in your thought and planning of every detail :)

Love Mom