Dec 16, 2009


pleaseI’ve been trying to teach Tristan certain polite “signs” for what seems like forever now.  I had pretty much come to the conclusion that our baby would be able to talk and say the words before he ever conceded to signing them.  He simply refused.  We have had all out screamy-mimmy standoffs because of it.  Amazing the will of a one year old.  Until, a few days ago Aunt Courtney (seems like she gets him to do a lot of things these days) was offering him some bites of her yummy cereal.  She simply asked him to say “please” and he immediately signed for it right away! We were all shocked, Justin, Co-Co and I sitting there at breakfast.  We asked him before every bite to say it and he did it every time.  Smart kiddo! We were so proud.  Of course I can’t get him to do it again for the life of me!  But at least now I have hope! 

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