Dec 15, 2009

Christmas Party Playgroup!

Our monthly boy playgroup got together today at our house for a little Christmas celebration!  As always it was CRAZY and fun! Eight boys and six mommas running around the house, with a surprise guest visit via Skype from Jenny and Jack in Romania!!!  Lots of action going on.  We had lunch, lots of playing, a Reindeer/Santa photo shoot which is always classic and involving many tears, and a Christmas book gift exchange! Whew, I’m tired just blogging about it.  We love these boys and are thankful for such good friendships even at the earliest age!  Merry Christmas Guys!!!

christmas partychristmas party-1 christmas party-2christmas party-5 christmas party-4christmas party-3

Photo Shoot Christmas 2009

This absolutely cracks me up! Love the progression of smiley boys, crying boys, boys grabbing other boys’ antlers, etc…enjoy!

christmas party-6 christmas party-8christmas party-7 christmas party-9christmas party-10 christmas party-11 christmas party-12christmas party-13

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