Dec 16, 2009

Merry Christmas Chuck-E-Cheese

chuckecheese-21This year for our Christmas celebration together, my brother’s family and us decided to mix it up a little and go have some fun together! So last Friday night we all headed to Chuck-E-Cheese’s for some pizza, presents and games! This was T’s first experience at Chucky’s and I must say think he’s a huge fan. The boy piled away some major food eating three pieces of pizza, a whole banana, sippy cup of milk and almost daddy’s whole cup of raspberry tea! Yikes, can you say football player? The boy likes to eat. We also had a blast playing lots of fun games with our favorite cousins! We love you guys, thanks for a fun-filled, clean-up free night!

Do you think he likes this place at all?chuckecheese-8chuckecheese chuckecheese-1 chuckecheese-15chuckecheese-2 chuckecheese-24chuckecheese-22 chuckecheese-23chuckecheese-3 chuckecheese-4 chuckecheese-5

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chuckecheese-20chuckecheese-14chuckecheese-16 chuckecheese-17

We decided to give each other’s kiddos gift of time this year. We gave Wylie Kate a teaparty slumber party, Wilson a Tennis Match slumber party, and Wesleigh an Artsy Craftsy slumber party! Tristan got a sweet children’s book about Jesus’ birth as well as a cousin slumber party at Shayne & Kim’s / Date night for mom and dad! Stay tuned for posts about all of the above next year!

chuckecheese-18 chuckecheese-19

Like I said at Thanksgiving, this Christmas what we’re so thankful for is sweet time together with family. Thank you Shayne & Kim and kiddos for a super fun-filled night together! And Merry Christmas Chuck-E-Cheese! :)

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The Penuels said...

So cute!! He is getting so big! I was laughing at all that he ate for dinner :)