Dec 26, 2009

Fun at the Beach


Even though it was a little chilly most of the time, we still had fun heading to the beach to play in the sand, watch and play some beach volleyball, and sometimes be brave enough to venture out in the water a little. Tristan LOVED playing in the sand this time and finding all kinds of seashells. He did not, on the other hand, love the ocean. It was very rough this time of year and a couple of times he got almost swooshed by those scary rushing waves.

christmas day at beach-9

christmas day at beach-3

christmas day at beach-5

christmas day at beach-4 christmas day at beach-6 christmas day at beach-8

christmas day at beach-7


beach-6 beach-7 beach-8

beach-26 beach

beach-1 beach-2

beach-3 beach-4

beach-9 beach-10

beach-18 beach-19


beach-22 beach-23


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