Dec 25, 2009

Jesus’ Birthday

christmas morning

We woke up Christmas morning to have a special birthday party breakfast for Jesus’ birthday. Complete with streamers, balloons, cupcakes, a new Little People nativity scene from Grandma Jill, and Justin’s special French toast. One little boy was especially excited about the French toast! :) christmas morning-4christmas morning-3

Tristan loved playing with Baby Jesus. It’s funny, every time he gives it to me I’d say a little prayer, “Thank you Jesus for _____.” and give baby Jesus back to Tristan. He thought this was funny and would keep giving baby Jesus back to me to see what I’d be thankful for next. Sweet boy. I pray now that you’re continually curious about God until you one day come to know Him yourself!

christmas morning-1 christmas morning-2

And Grandma Jill spoiled us all with some very crazy stockings. Tristan’s favorite of course was the animal crackers. My favorite were his new clothes! Thank you Grandma for all our fun goodies!

christmas morning-5

christmas morning-7 christmas morning-6

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