Dec 27, 2009


pooltime-6Do you see why I was sad to come home now? Most days in Florida involved at least one, if not more trips to the pool per day. Thankfully the pools are heated so it makes getting in even if it’s chilly not so bad. Tristan wouldn’t care how cold it is though, he just LOVES the water. Put him in = happy boy. He met lots of new friends and had a blast splashing and playing.

christmas day at beach-1

christmas day at beachHe started playing peek-a-boo with his aunties laying out by the pool. He thought he was so funny, going up and down. We thought it was pretty cute too.


peek a boo pool


peek a boo pool-1


peek a boo pool-4


peek a boo pool-3

pool goggles pool goggles-1 pool goggles-2

pooltime pooltime-1

Justin and Grandpa were the faithful two to always play with Tristan in the pool, even if it was pretty cold outside!pooltime-2




We even caught T checking out some cute girls this time. It was so funny, he was playing in the baby pool when these really cute teenage girls come walking by. He literally stopped what he was doing, watched them walked by, then looked at us; smiled and laughed. So cute, little stinker. Don’t be getting any ideas just yet!

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