Dec 11, 2009

Fun Facts from Thirteen Months…


Since I stopped doing Tristan’s monthly letters after he turned one, I’ve been bad about blogging the funny little things he’s started to do.  Here is a catch-up of the latest new tricks and funnies from the past month (or two) in no particular order…

  • He acts shy around new people, especially pretty girls.  Kind of ducks his head on my shoulder to the side.
  • Got some more teeth, think we’re up to five now.  Two on bottom, three on top.
  • He loves to give kisses!  When Justin or I say “MMMmmmm” he’ll lean in and give us a big smacker on the cheek.  He’s such a sweet boy.  He’ll do this out of the blue too just when he feels it.  We love it!  Such a sweet sweet cuddlebug.  He’s also been giving away kisses to some friends recently, yikes!  We’re working on who we can give kisses to!  He’ll even kiss the cabinets sometimes, silly boy!  Mommy’s thankful for your sweet heart!
  • He’s starting to talk a little more and calls everything “dis” (this).  Right now he says “dis” alot when he’s pointing to the Christmas tree and ornaments.  He also says “doos” (juice) to anything liquid in a cup, whether it’s milk or water or tea.  And just yesterday I could have sworn he said, “dank you” after I told him thank you a jillion times.  But he’s yet to say it since so not sure if that one was for real.  Keep it up little chatterbox!
  • He’s learned to shake his head “NO.”  At first we just thought he was being silly, but now we realize he knows what he’s doing?  He’ll shake away when I ask him if he wants down or when we try to get him to practice walking!  Funny boy!
  • He learned where his belly button is! This is my favorite right now, other than the kisses of course.  We checked out a book from the library about belly buttons and he loves finding daddy’s belly button under his shirt. When you ask him where his belly button is, he’ll look down his shirt or pat his tummy! 

That’s all for now, although I’m sure there are many more!  Starting in January, I’m going to keep a different pretty piece of paper on my fridge each month to jot down all the funny, sweet, or quirky things he does and says.  Got this idea from my friend Elizabeth!  It’ll hopefully be a handy and fast way to get the fun facts written down.  Then as each month passes, I’ll add them to the blog!  Thanks for the great idea Elizabeth! (read her post about it here).

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