Dec 22, 2009

Christmas in Abilene

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Justin, Tristan and I headed to Abilene this past weekend for a fun Christmas celebration. My mom outdid herself baking for days so we’d have plenty of yummy Christmas goodies to munch on all weekend, and a full-out traditional meal with my Aunt Jo’s famous turkey dressing! Mmmm. We had a great time relaxing, talking and playing, and I think Tristan might have had a little fun too! Gigi and Pop always have the coolest toys for the kids to play with.

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We didn’t put up our big Christmas tree this year, just a smaller one that sits up on the countertop. So, Tristan really got into Gigi and Pop’s tree! He was fascinated by the ornaments and had a blast crawling under the tree to get things he’d thrown back there! So fun! Next year, guess we’ll be putting up the big one!

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Present Time! This was so much fun! Last year T was only two months old at Christmas, so this year was his first year to really enjoy this part. I love this age! He was equally as stoked about a package of shakable malted milk balls as he was the big gifts! It was so fun to see the joy on his face!

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Gigi and Pop brought the most joy to his face with this new, suped up fancy walker! From the minute dad put it together, he did not stop pushing that thing around and SMILING! So cute! Thank you Gigi and Pop for this super fun gift…as you can tell I think he loves it!!!

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And a puppy dog of his very own! Now when I walk Vegas, he can walk puppy!

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And a couple of pictures all dressed up before church to celebrate the REAL reason we do all this at Christmas, the birth of Jesus our Savior! Of course Tristan didn't agree that we were celebrating anything when we dropped him off at the nursery! He was ticked to say the least, and I'm not sure if he's forgiven us yet! haha.whitehead christmas-27 whitehead christmas-28 whitehead christmas-29

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Thank you Gigi and Pop for all you did to make it a special Christmas weekend for all of us! We love you so much!

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