Dec 22, 2009

What is it that makes Santa so scary?!

I’m not sure if it’s the beard, or the hat or the all out presence of the big jolly man, but something about seeing Santa in person scares the heck out of most young children. My son is no exception to his phenomenon. We figured it would play out that way, but you always hope your child will sit right up there in Santa’s lap and smile! haha. No such luck. We went up to Watter’s Creek last night to meet Santa and have our picture taken with him. We loved it there, no line, a cozy fire, couldn’t get any better. That is, until Santa looked right at Tristan, smiled and motioned for him to come see him! No way, not gonna happen, Tristan burst right into the most hysterical cry clinging onto Daddy. I thought this picture might be as close as we’d be able to get. before Santa

We watched several other children march right up to Santa telling him what they wanted for Christmas, but every time we even moved that way, gut-wrenching crying ensued. This momma was not ready to give up, neither was the photographer. He was so good at trying some sneaky ways to get Santa in the picture without Tristan knowing it. For the picture we finally got, Justin stood behind us so T couldn’t see Santa. Then, just as Justin slipped out of the pic, Santa took his place. T didn’t even know he was there. soft color santasneaky santa bw santa

Right after the picture, T looks over his shoulder to see the scary Santa had snuck up behind him, and the crying, rather, the screaming continued. I’m sorry sweet boy for subjecting you to such torture. Are we going to do this every year? We went to the park and played to try and make it up to him!

after santa playtime-5 after santa playtime after santa playtime-2 after santa playtime-4


Porter Carroll said...

HI Sharee! Your little man is just beautiful! :)
Hey, does Allen Bible have a family Christmas Eve service? Our church has a service but for adults only and we want to take Porter with us. Thanks! Do you mind emailing me back?

Breenette said...

Haha! So precious! I love the pics you got!

Don't give up on him loving Santa just yet. One of my favorite pictures of Addison is last year when she sat (err...was forced) onto Santa's lap - she was SCREAMING and reaching for me. Santa had to hold her tight to keep her from flying off his lap.
I didn't even bother with the professional pics and just snapped one on my own as fast as I could so I could end the torture quickly.

This year, we talked and talked about Santa and what she wanted to tell him she wanted for Christmas. When the time came for her to sit on his lap she walked straight up to him, I placed her on his knee and she talked his ear off for about 5 minutes about the "bicycle with fairies on it" that she wanted him to bring her. She even let her baby doll play with his puppy dog. Those are now my second fav memory pics of her. :D

Tristan just may surprise you next year when he's just a little older. :D