Nov 21, 2009

Thirty (almost) going on Thirteen!

vampire pic 2That’s right, I have no qualms or shame by saying that I joined the hundreds of teen and pre-teenage girls for the premiere showing of NEW MOON!  And baby it did not dissapoint!  My lifegroup girls are just a phycho about it as I am so we all had a blast sporting our home-made Team Edward or Team Black shirts (glow in the dark I might add!).  Team BLACK, as in Jacob Black, by the way!  And Rachel who planned the best slumber party ever this summer, planned a whole night-o-fun for us Twilight Saga Fans. 

We started the night with a little dinner at Pei Wei.  As we ate, Rachel had trivia questions to answer from the book as well as a really cool New Moon Bingo where we had to guess which character said any given quote.  So fun and definitely put us in the spirit!  The waiter must have thought we were a little nuts but conceded and took our picture anyway!

pei weiAfter a quick run to Starbucks for some Venti Pumpkin Spice latte’s, we were off to wait in line to get the best seats for the midnight showing!  This part was so fun!  There were a jillion other teenage girls there sporting their own home-made shirts and we had fun cheering others on who were on our “team.”  So funny!  And as we anxiously awaited the movie to begin, Rachel had us all entertained by more fun New Moon games and prizes! 

girls Bingo cards  Rachel Game Planner Extroidonnaireour row

And to top it all off, our dear friend Jenny who is temporarily living in Romania at the time, sent us these way cool VAMPIRE gummy teeth for us to wear and enjoy at the premier! Aren’t we scary?! 

vampire pic

Vampires Rae rae Latisha

      What a F-U-N night to say the least!  Didn’t get tired even once staying up till 3am!  Now on to planning our next premiere….June 30th Eclipse!!!

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