Nov 15, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust…

Dun, dun, dun, another one bites the dust,

Dun, dun, dun, another one bites the dust,

And another one down, another one down,

Another one bites the dust…

That’s right, this is the year, the year we ALL turn THIRTY!  Slowly one by one my friends have been “biting the dust” and crossing over to the other side! he he he.  I can make fun now, I still have five more months of “youth.” 

So my sweet friend Jessica had her 30th this past Sunday, and her hubby Scott and I got to go undercover and plan a little surprise birthday dinner for her!  So fun!  Luckily Scott is very good making up excuses to be late, to the party went off without a hitch! 

It felt like a mini-Baylor Homecoming with all our Baylor buddies there to hang out and celebrate Jess!  Crazy with all our kiddos in tow, but we had a fun time hanging out and catching up.  Then, the girls let the hubbies take the kids home to bed while we went out for a WILD night on the town….errr, okay, so we went to a coffee shop and talked for a couple of hours!  Geeesh, I told you we are getting old! 

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  Love you Jess!  So fun to get to celebrate YOU this weekend!  I’m thankful for you and this friendship God has blessed us with!  Here’s to five good month of making fun of my “older” but wiser friend!  :)


The Rowe Crew said...

SO FUN!!! Thank you SO much! It really was like a little mini-Baylor reunion. I had a ball ;). AND...your hair is H-O-T!!

Sheridan said...

You look AWESOME! You'll still be that cute when your 30th rolls around!