Nov 15, 2009

Fun Day with Cousins

So I’ve been hearing about this never ending playground project Shayne’s been working on for weeks, errr months now. This week we finally got to go over to “uncle Dub’s” to check it out for ourselves, as well as hang out all day with our favorite cousins! And I must say the playground did not disappoint. I call it a playground rather than a swing-set because this thing is loaded with woodchips, rock wall and twisty slide! A kid’s dreamland! I’m sure Tristan will be asking to go play at Aunt Kim and Uncle Dub’s house often as he gets older! Thanks Aunt Kim for watching T for me and for a fun day together!

Playin’ with Wes, Wilson, Wylie Kate and Wynne (aka Wynnie-Pooh)

fun at whiteheads-4fun at whiteheads-9fun at whiteheads-1 fun at whiteheads-2 fun at whiteheads-5 fun at whiteheads-6 fun at whiteheads-7 fun at whiteheads-8

fun at whiteheads-3 fun at whiteheads

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