Oct 25, 2009

Tristan’s Real Birthday

Tuesday, October 20th our little Tristan Dean had his actual first birthday. After all the celebration the weekend before I’m sure he was part wondering, why are you still saying Happy Birthday and making such a fuss, and part just happy to still get to celebrate and do special things!

We couldn’t wait until Tuesday to let Tristan open his “big gift” from us, so we let him open it the night before. I think Justin and I were more excited about it than anyone. Tristan got a new basketball goal for his playroom. Justin had fun showing him how to slam dunk! bball goal presentbball goal present-1bball goal present-2

Then, Tuesday morning we woke Tristan up early for a special birthday breakfast before daddy headed off to work. You can tell he wasn’t too thrilled about being woken up at 7am, dressed and people singing at him so early! I think he was in a bit of shell shock. But he did love his birthday waffles! Yum.


Blowing out the birthday candle!

breakfast-2 breakfast-3breakfast-4

We also let him open up a couple more presents. He loved his V-tech laptop! He always wants to play with our computers, especially when we’re using them, so we figured we’d see if he liked his own “toddler friendly” version. I think it was a hit. breakfast-7 breakfast-5 breakfast-6

Then, quickly after, Tristan and I and our other six lifegroup boys and moms headed up to the pumpkin patch in Celina. I’ll do a whole separate post on our time there, but what a perfect way to spend Tristan’s birthday, with all his closest buddies! We had a great time!DSC_0174 After a full couple of hours at the pumpkin patch, Tristan and I enjoyed a birthday lunch from Dickey’s with his favorite mac-n-cheese. And a little leftover birthday cake to top it off! Still just as good! lunch and cakelunch and cake-1

After a good, long nap, Tristan and I took a trip to play up at Celebration Park. We were sad our Rowe girl friends couldn’t join us because of stinkin’ fever! But we had a fun time anyway swinging, sliding and playing with the woodchips.

park park-1park-2

park-3 park-4

Justin and I had planned on taking him to Chik-fil-A for dinner, but at 5:30 Tristan was letting me know he didn’t care WHERE he ate, but that he was READY to eat. So we scrapped that plan and made T happy with an early dinner and some playtime at home with some of his new toys. Daddy’s pretty good with the new mega-blocks…our favorite was this mega block Vegas!

DSC_0335 DSC_0336

We love you sweet boy! It was so fun being able to celebrate your FIRST BIRTHDAY in so many fun ways!

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