Oct 25, 2009

U2 Concert!!!

U2 concert-12

So before all this birthday madness began, Justin and I got to sneak away for the night to go to the U2 concert a couple of weeks ago!  Marc McCartney, who Justin works with at Bluefish, bought tickets for their leadership team at Bluefish and the wives too!  Thank you again Marc for such a fun treat!!! And even better, the concert was in the new Cowboys stadium which was fun to be able to see for the first time.  We had a blast!  The only down side to the whole night was the lady in front of us.  You’ll see her below, we just had to take a picture of her intoxicated self standing up, yelling and dancing completely off-beat to every song, the entire concert!  Made for some good stories anyway! 

U2 concert U2 concert-2  U2 concert-4 U2 concert-5 U2 concert-6 U2 concert-9 U2 concert-10 U2 concert-11

Thank you again Marc and Robin for such a fun night!

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