Oct 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch with our Boys

PP-23 So Tristan got to share his birthday with all his favorite boys (well, not quite all, we miss you Jack!!!) in our first venture to the pumpkin patch! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day! You should have seen us, a real sight to see. Six moms, seven boys and two on the way, five cameras, and two strollers going in every direction! I know we’re just going to laugh in the years to come when we look back and see how crazy life was with little ones. Sweet memories.

We started off our adventure by feeding the animals. We each got a cup of feed and got to show the boys the longhorn and goats.


PP-2 PP-5PP-4 PP-6 PP-7 PP-8PP-9PP-13 PP-10 PP-11 PP-12

The boys were pretty amazed by all the animals and probably would have been perfectly content here all day. But oh, no. What do mommies want? Cute pictures of course! And so began the madness in the hay and pumpkins! PP-14

PP-15 PP-16
PP-29PP-27 PP-28 pumpkin patch-40PP-17 PP-18
PP-45PP-47 PP-46

First attempt at the all-boy pic! Makes me laugh now just thinking about it. You got Ryan saying “I’m outta here”, Parker’s crying because he’s bonked by Brayden, Brayden’s crying because he doesn’t want to sit, poor Caleb’s not even fitting in the picture and Tristan is crying probably because he wants his mommy! And Jacob, the oldest, is looking at all these babies like “yall are crazy!”

PP-19 PP-20

We quickly decided it would be much easier if the mom’s joined in on the picture! Great thinking Lindsay! Watch the progression of the pumpkin in Jacob’s lap!

PP-21 PP-22 PP-23 PP-24 PP-26

Oh, and did you notice sweet, happy, smiley little Colby!? The youngest and most content, not phased by any of the other boys shananigans! Just as smiley and happy as ever! I cropped Tristan out of this pic with his frowny face because Colby’s smile was just too darn cute!


So after we got the boys all fussied up with our picture attempt, it was time to give them a treat with the fun hay ride through the farm! It was an absolutely beautiful day too, we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

PP-30PP-32 PP-31 PP-33 PP-34 PP-35PP-36

And then the reason we came, we got to go out into the fields and pick our very own pumpkin to bring home! Of course we couldn’t let the moment pass without one more try at the all-boy pic too! Better than the first, the wagon helped contain a few of them at least! PP-38 PP-39 PP-37I love this picture of Megan taking pictures of Parker! Captures what all us moms were doing most of the time there!

PP-40 PP-41PP-44 PP-42 PP-43

Thanks boys for a fun day at the farm! I look forward to many more years worth of pumpkin patch trips with our boys!

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