Sep 12, 2009

Last Day at the Beach

florida-43Our last day in sunny Florida we made the most out of enjoying all the beach we could. This time we came over-prepared with beach chairs, beach umbrella, blow-up pool, camera, packed lunches, beach towels, boogie boards, football, sunscreen, you name it, we probably brought it! Like meet the Clampets at the Beach kind of day!

Everyone had a great time soaking up our last day of sunshine, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day, here’s the view in both directions from our claimed “spot” on the beach.


And here we are camping out with our beach picnic lunch:



florida-50 florida-47

And the baby pool was a big hit again, seriously, don’t ever think about going to the beach with a baby without this crucial item! Made a world of difference!


florida-52 florida-57

But after a little playtime, Tristan was ready to venture out and explore the shore and ocean with dad close by. He thought the waves were pretty funny after he got used to them. Justin tried to teach Tristan what in the world you’re supposed to do with that gritty sand…I think he’ll have it down by next year.

florida-58 florida-59

florida-60florida-62 florida-61 florida-63

florida-64florida-67 florida-65

florida-66So after a couple of hours of playing in the ocean, on the beach, eating lunch and splashing in the baby pool, these two boys, and everyone else were wiped out! Stay tuned for our family beach photo shoot coming up next!

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