Sep 10, 2009

Day Two – Baby Pools and Tornadoes


So our second day of vacation we decided to take it easy and hang by the pool. There are three pools at Ocean Village, but the “big pool” has the perfect baby pool with tons of toys for the kiddos to play with. Tristan and Parker both loved this, but had to stay right with mom and dad since it was still a little too deep to sit in. Tristan and dad has a great time playing and splashing. The cutest thing was T and Justin looking at each other through the big beach ball! T would smoosh his face to the clear part of the ball and just laugh as he saw Justin on the other side.

florida-35florida-31 florida-32 florida-33 florida-34


After an hour and some lunch, Tristan was tired as could be, so he took a tiny snooze in the stroller. I love the bottom picture with his hand over his forehead like he’s just spent! florida-40florida-41

Sweet one, I think he would have actually taken his nap here, except that he woke up as Justin was waving at us to come to the top of the sand dune. I see all these people start crowding up there, so I left T with Megan and ran with my camera to see what was going on. Right as I get up there, I see what all the fuss was about. Far away over the water was a little tornado!!! It was just disappearing back into the clouds so I didn’t get a good picture of it. DSC_0471Justin said it formed, then touched down in the ocean to make a water spout then disappeared again. I usually HATE storms and tornadoes but this was so far away that I was okay with it. By the time I got back to my little man, he was wide awake wanting his momma!

I’m sad I don’t have pics of the rest of our day. We played a little tennis, switched off going to the pool while the boys napped, cooked dinner at the condo and finished the night with a long game of Settlers!

Coming soon….our last day at the beach (and mom finally gets in a picture) :)

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