Sep 12, 2009

Family Beach Pictures – A Forman Tradition

bw family picSo here’s how it works…you spend as much time in the sun as you can trying to get as tan as you can. Then, you wait until the last evening you’re in Florida, get all dressed up and head to the beach for some family pictures. Finally, mom will get in some pictures too! :) Here’s our mini photo shoot on our last night there.

florida-71 florida-72 florida-75nunley fam picflorida-73 florida-74 nunley fam pic 2 florida-76 florida-77 florida-78 Tristan and Justin getting some last minute laughs on the way home. We headed down the road to eat some yummy seafood by the ocean later that night. Then the boys “helped us” clean the condo and do laundry to get ready for our next renters.

spidey tristan up close parker

Which reminds me, if you would love to have your own beach getaway, we’d love for you to rent our condo! You can check it out at:

And thanks again Nunleys for a wonderful Labor Day getaway!!!

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Sommer said...

What beautiful pics of your sweet family! And how cool you guys own a condo! I'll keep that in mind if we ever want to getaway to Florida :) Did you stay home after Baby T was born, or are you working part-time?