Sep 20, 2009

Eleven Months Old – almost an official BIG BOY!

11 months old Hey Bug,

Happy 11 months little man!  One month away from ONE YEAR OLD! And I do believe it, you are definitely not a baby anymore!  Curious, crawling, standing, into everything little toddling boy.  Dad and I love you so much!  I’ve been thinking a lot lately how much more I love you every month.  Getting to watch you grow and change and learn new things is so amazing.  Makes me praise God for the gift of life, it’s a wonderful, breathtaking process! 

You have continued to learn so many new things this past month and do some funny new tricks too.  You learned how to stand up in your crib, which has led to lots of time “playing” before you go to sleep or really wake up.  You’ll get your blankets and stuffed puppy in your arms, stand up, wave them, sit down, swing them in the air, stand up, etc.  It’s so cute to watch you play in there so content through the monitor. 

You also learned how to get down once you’ve pulled up on something.  Before, you would pull up and stand forever until someone came and got you down.  But after watching your buddy Parker do it a time or two, you learned how to sit and kneel to get down from your toys or a table. This makes life much more fun for you as now you love to climb and explore everything!  Watch out house, here you come! 

You transitioned from your infant carseat to a bigboy seat, only one more month until you get to face the front!  You love your new comfy ride.  You’ve also started eating a lot more finger foods too!  You’ll eat sandwich, chicken, veggies, rolls, almost anything we eat.  Your favorite foods are usually beige like chicken, corn casserole and rolls, just like your daddy.  But after you eat the “good stuff” first, you usually take a stab at the green veggies too.  You’re a great little eater! 

You’ve started “talking” so much this month!  Your funniest little phrase is “Abm-Babm”  No idea what it means, but it must sound good to you because you say it all the time.  So cute, you even have daddy and I saying it now! And you love to blow bubbles with the best of them.  When you hear dad or grandma on the phone you immediately go “phhhhlllltthhhh” right to them.  Makes everyone laugh.

Because mommy thought it was funny the first time, you also think it’s funny to let out high-pitched screams.  Not when you’re mad, but to be funny.  I have the hardest time not laughing when you do this.  It just cracks me up, but I know I have to try hard to tell you “NO!”  I’m sure other people don’t think it’s quite as funny as I do! 

Oh, and my favorite new thing you’ve discovered are BOOKS!  You all of a sudden you LOVE looking at all your books.  You’ll dump them out, pick them up and hand them to me or dad to read to you.  You’ve learned how to flip the pages too and always want to help us do that.  You don’t always want to sit and listen to the whole story, sometimes mid-book you’ll start handing us other books instead, but that’s okay.  I hope you always love books, and love to read when you get bigger. 

You also learned to like the beach this month.  Dad and I took you back to Florida and had a great time playing in the sand and ocean.  Just the first of many ocean trips I’m sure.  It was especially fun for dad to take you there, since he’s been going to the beach since he was your age too!  What a fun tradition to continue!

Well little love.  I can’t believe you will be turning ONE in less than a month now.  You are a joy and a light in our lives, I pray you will be that for many others over your lifetime.  We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday in just a few short weeks!


Mommy (and Daddy)

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Sheridan said...

I can't believe he is almost one! It doesn't feel like a year has gone by! I love the pictures!