Sep 9, 2009

Labor Day at the BEACH – Day One

Justin and I took our good friends Megan and Aaron, along with their cutie son Parker and T-man to our condo in Florida this labor day and had such a great time!  What a fabulous weekend!  Lounging around, playing with our boys, cooking dinner, going out to eat , playing in the pool, laying by the beach, playing tennis golf and Settlers, all in a matter of days.   Looking at all these pictures makes me want to go back tomorrow!   Thank you Megan, Aaron and Parker for trekking down with us to Florida and making it such a fun time!  We love you guys! Can’t wait to go again…lifegroup vaca Summer 2010 baby!

floridaOur first full day in Florida we decided to take the boys to the beach! Although they weren’t too sure about the gritty sand or scary waves, a little ocean water and bath toys in the blow-up kiddie pool was a huge hit!  Thankfully both boys ended up LOV ING the ocean and had a great first day at the beach!

florida-1 florida-2 florida-3 florida-4 florida-6florida-7florida-5   florida-8 florida-9  florida-11 

florida-13 florida-10florida-14 florida-15florida-19 florida-16florida-18  florida-20florida-17     After all that beach fun, it was back to the condo for some naps.  When they woke up, they found their new favorite toy…MIRRORS! They loved sitting at the huge hall mirrors and patting at themselves.  Parker especially loved this…it was hillarious, he would look at himself real close, then give his mirror self a big smacker kiss.  Precious.  Tristan was more interested in the cameras we were using to snap so many pics, my techno boy! Parker and Tristan did such a great job playing together, they had the best time sharing toys, phones and crawling all over the place!  Sweet boys.

 florida-22 florida-23 florida-24 florida-25 boys on floor by mirrorsflorida-26 florida-27 florida-28 tristan closeflorida-29 florida-30

Coming soon - Day Two…

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