Jul 25, 2009

Tristan’s Room

So although little bit’s room has been “done” for many months now, I realized as I was looking through his baby book the other day, that I never took pictures of his room for him. So before we need to lower his crib mattress and add too many big boy things, I snapped some pics of his nursery. With a little inspiration from my college RMY’s house tour on her blog, I decided to give a little tour-de-nursery…Come on in!

The view from the door to his room


The crib was a gift from Gigi and Pop and the first thing we got for Tristan’s room. The bedding is a hodge-podge of different pieces from baby Gap, Pottery Barn and Babies-R-Us, I can’t tell you how many things I bought and returned for this! 2

And turning to the right, we’ve got Tristan’s closet and dresser/changing table. I love the mirror above his table, and believe it or not all the wood in his room came from different stores but all matches almost exactly. 3 If you look closely on his dresser, you’ll see tiny shoes of Justin’s when he was a baby, and a silver rattle with the letter “S” and “F” engraved on either side. This rattle was Justin’s mom’s when she was a baby (S for Seibold), then it became Justin’s when he was born (F for Forman). Justin’s mom gave it to us for Tristan when he was born. I treasure these sweet keepsakes from Justin’s childhood! And then a sweet picture of Justin and Tristan when he was only ten days old! 4 Keep turning to the right…

My sweet friend Jessica made those adorable letters for Tristan’s room. And this chair was one of the best purchases we made. It’s so comfortable, I think I could fall asleep in it! Hopefully it will get many more years of use. 5His bookcase full of books and toys. On top, we’ve got a wooden airplane Justin’s grandfather made for him when he was a little boy, a sweet little Bible with Tristan’s name engraved that his Aunt Kim and Uncle Shayne gave him last Christmas, a teacup Justin had as a baby, and a picture of Tristan and I when he was so so tiny! 6To the right of his rocking chair, is a few old trunks full of books and all his stuffed animals. Tristan loves stuffed animals!


Above the trunks, is our family wall. Black and white pictures of all of Tristan’s family, so he can look at all the people who love him most! He loves to look at this wall, and I love reminding him who everyone is! And the cutest thing, just this week he has started waving at the wall!! When he wakes up, he stands up in his crib, turns to it and waves. And I was changing his diaper and he looked over from the changing table and started waving. Ahhh, that is the reason why I made it for you little one. Melts my little heart.

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Adams Plus One said...

Very cute! Thanks for the tour. :)

The Penuels said...

I love seeing it all finished!! Hey, can you do lunch this week?? I could do Tues-Thur :)

JILL said...

So many sweet wonderful memories! Glad they have found such a special place in Tristan's room. It was worth dragging them around all these years.

Love Grandma Jill