Jul 27, 2009

I need a goal and a buddy...

Okay, the time has come...I've been inspired by some fellow bloggers and friends who are already doing it, and now the time has come for me to do something too. I've been wanting to get back into a workout routine ever since Tristan was born. Let's face it, the post-baby body is just not quite the same as the pre-baby one. But, time and a lack of motivation have kept me in an "it can wait for later" mode. Well, no longer people. This momma is ready to get her rear in gear and once again be a hot momma. Sooo, in thinking through how best to get back in shape, I'm needing two things.

(1.) I need a goal. Working out just to lose weight is not enough. I need something to train for or work towards. Even if it's fake. Last year when I trained for my fake sprint triathlon I lost 8 pounds! 8 pounds and had the endurance to run and bike and swim. Yes please. I don't really want to race or compete, just train like I am so I can have some motivation to get in shape. Here I am at my fake sprint tri last year...no my bad...two years ago...wow how time flies, that is scary! Last year I was sort of having a baby! ha. But think...that could be you standing beside me...which leads me to my second point.(2.) I need a buddy. Doing it alone often does not last long for me. Someone to meet me at the gym or someone to say, yeah, I went swimming for 20 minutes today too. Or, hey, let's lift weights these days, run these days, don't eat that ice cream...you get the idea.

Sooo, if you are feeling that little tug in your heart like you did in church all those years ago, I think it's God telling you you are the one and now is the time! :) Seriously though, if you're feeling the same "I'm out of shape and ready to do something about it" that I am, leave me a comment and maybe we can motivate each other to get off the couch, out of the house and do something about it! Surely there must be at least one of you out there!!!

P.S. I don't do marathons, or anything of the sort! So if you felt the tug and want to do that, I'm not the girl you're feeling the tug to do it with...think baby steps. :)


The Rowe Crew said...

Well, I defintely feel like I need to get my hiney in gear too, but....we both know what kind of a partner I am ;). SO.....good luck finding a partner and I'll cheer you on!!!

Oh, but in case you don't already know this...you ALREADY ARE one hot mama!!!

Mandi said...

I'm totally in... although I live thousands of miles away, I can cheer you on in spirit! I'm thinking about doing a half-marathon here in Cali in Feb or March. I know you aren't looking into doing a marathon, but possibly a half? If not, we can still motivate one another!!!!
Wish I was there to train with you... miss you bunches!
PS. You are a HOT MAMA NOW!

Diana said...

um, you should sign up for one, they are so much fun!!!!!

Breenette said...

I keep trying to get myself going to do something about the extra flub a dub dub I have going on...bt somehow motivation flies out the window when I have a choice between a work out or a nap. Perhaps you should start coming over here a few days a week and we can do the treadmill - or pilates, or wii fit, or any one /combo of the workouts I have available and just never do! I have said I was on day 1-3 of a 30 day workout about 4 times now. :/ I need HELP!!!