Jul 23, 2009

Like Kids Again…

slumber partyIn celebration of his 9th birthday, Justin and I kidnapped our nephew Wilson for a fun slumber party, game night o’ fun.  We had a great time playing video games, battling it out on the Wii, eating pizza and hanging out. 

 slumber party-1 slumber party-2 slumber party-3 slumber party-4 slumber party-5Justin woke us up with a special request breakfast of his famous French toast.slumber party-6DSC_0208  slumber party-7 Tristan decided to take on Wilson in a StarWars PS2 game…nice strategy T!slumber party-8 slumber party-9 slumber party-10 

Then we were off to the splash park and the natatorium for some fun in the water and sun.  Tristan had so much fun with his only boy cousin…What a great big cousin he is!

 slumber party-12 slumber party-11

slumber party-13

 slumber party-14 slumber party-15 slumber party-16 slumber party-19slumber party-17

slumber party-18

We love you Wilson…thanks for letting us act like kids again with you! 

Love, Uncle J and Aunt Ree-Ree

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JILL said...

Oh my!
Tristan is such a perfect mix of beautiful Sharee and my handsome Justin but these pictures look just like some cute cute pictures of have of Justin. Wow! Love you Tristan!