Apr 20, 2009

Six Months Old Today...

Precious Little Lovebug,

Happy half birthday sweet love! I can't believe you're already half a year old! My oh my how these past six months have flown. You are growing and changing like crazy. And getting more and more fun by the day.

These past two months have been my favorite with you...you are so much fun! You make dad and I laugh all the time with your squeals, bubble blowing, all-boy grunts and laughs. Playing with you is for sure the highlight of our days.

Let me start by telling you some things you've accomplished this past month. You started eating veggies twice; the first time your little tummy wasn't quite ready to handle it so we had to hold off and wait a few weeks. But now, you're eating away, not always liking all the veggies like yellow squash, but doing a good job eating now. You love to play with your spoon and bib!

Finger-lickin' good!One cutie-cute thing you've just started doing is sticking out your tongue. It's so funny, and I think you know it's funny too. And blowing bubbles is a new fun trick as well. Equally as cute and as boy as sticking out your tongue. I like it because it shows some personality.
You've also gotten great at sleeping through the night...hooray! You've been off and on with that for a couple of months now, so I was overly thrilled when this became consistent. About 9pm-7am each night. You've been sleeping in your carseat in your crib to help with your reflux and just this week started taking naps on your tummy. We hope to be fully transitioned to sleep like a big boy soon! You're doing good so far and only cry a little before your off to dreamland.

Let's see, oh yes, you've almost got the hang of sitting up. You like to sit up with help, like in your boppy or in front of mom or dad. But still a little wobbly if we let you totally try on your own. I'm sure you'll have it down soon. This is a fun new way we've been playing while mom gets some chores done. You're on mom and dad's big bed, with pillows and boppy, piled with toys and jamming to the I-pod in back of your mirror. You look so big playing like this!Some other favorites: flying upside down with daddy, bath time and glow in the water bath toys, getting tickled and kissed, changing table time, mocha whip cream dad let you have a taste of, dancing, playing in your excersaucer and going for a ride on mommy's knees.
Some not-so-favorites: yellow squash, loud noises, sound of the hair dryer, being too far away from mommy! You've started a few little fits to show us when you are frustrated too. You will pull a blankie, or burp rag or bib up to your face in your fists, bury your head in it and scream loud into the rag. You do this in little bursts so your just so mad. Honestly we think it's hilarious, but we have to tell you "no - we don't throw fits" when you do it. Hopefully we'll find better ways to show us your upset eventually!

All in all, I just think you're the cutest, sweetest little thing ever and dad and I are so happy to have you in our life. I know these next few months will only get more fun as you learn to do more and more. We went to see Dr. Dan today and he says you are growing like a weed as well. Here are your 6 month stats. Your sweet little head jumped from the 40th to 90th %tile which concerned Dr. Dan a bit. After a sonogram, everything showed to be perfectly healthy thank the Lord. You just must have lots of brains in that head of yours!

Weight: 14 pounds, 8 ounces (6th %ile)
Length:25 1/4 inches (13th %ile)
Head Cir.:18'' (92nd %ile)


The Penuels said...

Awww!! Happy Birthday Bud :) What a cutie!! I have got to see him soon...its been too long!

Mandi said...

Oh my goodness.. he is growing up too fast! I LOVE his bright blue eyes... I could just eat him up! Love ya!