Apr 24, 2009

Bringing Up Boys

So our lifegroup has gone through quite the transformation in the past year. What once was coined as the "kidless lifegroup" and the only one in our church, has now become the baby boy lifegroup! Six baby boys all witthin a year of each other, ranging from one year to three weeks!

We had our second official playgroup together this week, and the first one with ALL of the boys! It was such a fun kind of chaos! With a little inspiration from Brittney's boy playgroup, we decided to start off with a little photo shoot. It all began okay, most of the boys cool with the "circle shots" on the floor. We circled them up in order from oldest to youngest. The oldest, Caleb, then going clockwise we have nine month old Brayden and Jack, Tristan who's six months, Parker who's 3 months and baby Colby who's just 3 weeks!
I think we should have stopped our photo shoot right there, but no, I also wanted to get some shots on the couch. It started off okay, but we couldn't see Colby very well.
I know, why don't we stick him in the middle on Caleb's lap.
All the moms hover as the kids try to break free from the torture!
No, no, no, just a few more, we promise! Smile!!! "Wait a minute, what's this in my lap? " thought Caleb. "I'm getting smuuuushed," screamed Tristan. "Wait a minute guys, calm down," motioned Jack.
It ended with three screaming boys and the others in shock I think! Poor guys! But the fun wasn't over yet, we of course had to get a whole group pic with the moms as well. Not the best, but hey, we're all in the pic. And Kimberly, one of the kid-less members of our group, was gracious enough to come join our chaos and take pics for us too!
After the somewhat traumatizing photo shoot, our boys enjoyed some lunch or naps, and then us moms even got to eat some yummy lunch together. The boys all played in the craziness that was my living room floor. I think they all had a fun time together, and I'm pretty sure all had some major long naps that afternoon. I look forward to many more years of growing up these boys together. Here are some up-close and personal shots of our group...

blue-eyed Brayden - such a cutie
Brayden belongs to Rachel, you can tell where he gets those beautiful blue eyes!
And Kimberly, braving the battle of the boys!
Sweet baby Colby sleeping like an angel...sad I didn't get a pic of Lindsay with him, sorry girl!
Funny Jack always going with the flow, and laughing about it!
Jack and Jenny
Me and little guy
Megan and Parker
Kristin and Caleb, the oldest boy and role-modelI love you mommas and am thankful that we're in this together!

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The Penuels said...

Yay for playgroup!! Love those pictures :)