Mar 11, 2009

Meeting Miss Wynne Elizabeth Whitehead

While Justin, Tristan and I were in Florida with the Forman Fam, our newest little niece came into the world! The day we got back, I was on the phone seeing how fast we could come over to meet her. Miss Wynne Elizabeth Whitehead. She's so beautiful and such a tiny tiny tiny little thing. She weighed 6 pounds 8 oz. at birth, but when we went to see her she was just under 6 pounds. When I walked in and saw her sleeping in her seat, I couldn't believe people could come so small! She's perfect, and did I mention tiny? She's nothing to hold, you feel like you might break her. Even though Tristan was close to that small, I can already not remember him being so tiny! No way, now he looks like a giant compared to his new cousin. We had a great time holding her and ohhing and ahhing over this sweet thing. I'm just thrilled to know they will grow up so close to each other and hopefully be great friends! How fun for me to experience this with my brother Shayne too. Who would have thought that Shayne and I (11 years apart) would be having kiddos at the same time. I love it. Enough are some pictures of us and our precious new baby cousin Wynne. Isn't the just the cutest little thing?!?!

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