Mar 10, 2009

Fun in Florida

Well, Tristan, Justin and I have more than survived our first trip (airplane and all) with our little one. Tristan was such a trooper and did amazingly well in the airport, through security and then on the plane...thank you Jesus! We prayed alot not to have "that kid" on the plane. We got to go to Florida to spend a long weekend relaxing together, but mostly to see Justin's sister Abbie play softball. She plays college ball for a private school up in Indiana (Indiana Wesleyan) and I must say is such an incredible athlete! She's such a stud, it was so fun to get to watch her in action. Of course after we left she hit multiple home runs, but we don't need to see it to know she's awesome. :) Before this weekend, Tristan had really not been outside very much with the cold weather and all, but we threw him right out there with several spring training baseball games and Auntie Ab's softball games as well. Amidst surprisingly colder weather after the first two beautiful days, we had a great time relaxing and hanging out with our fam.

Four Generations of Forman Boys Together
Meeting Great Grandpa Chuck

Spring Training Baseball Game at Disney
Abbie's Games
The SuperStar Herself
Her FanClubI love this picture, captures the true moment. Family gushing over Tristan, Tristan freezing and bundled, and me taking tons of pictures and checking to see if they're good. The sad part is our memory card somehow got corrupted and we lost sooo many cute pics! Thankfully Aunt Courtney and Grandad took enough to share.We made Tristan a little onesie that said "Abbie's Biggest Little Fan"


Jessica and Matt said...

Yay for a good little boy on the plane - what a blessing and a RELEIF!! We just booked a trip to Maui (9 hour direct flight) for August, and I'm nervous about Christopher...) but gurl, Tristan is such a stinkin' CUTIE!! Seriously! It's crazy, too, how much Justin's family looks alike. Chuck (was that his name?) and Justin and Abbie. That's fun. And I totally see you in little Tristan! I love it! He really is beautiful.

Okay, well I'm glad you guys had a great trip! Very important for the little world travelers that you guys are. Good to know he can hang. :)

Tiffany said...

Glad you had a good trip. That's funny that you were here, because Austin and I live in Orlando. Wish I'd known! I'd love to see all of y'all, although you sounded busy!