Mar 11, 2009

With His Head Held High...

Today our little man has just begun to hold his head up when we do our dreaded tummy time. Every day has been the same. Tristan is put on tummy, may or may not cry, mom models holding head up, Tristan grunts and tries real hard, mom goes crazy encouraging and saying you can do it, Tristan cries. The end of tummy time for that day.

Like alot of babies he just does not like it. I wonder now if it's because he's frustrated knowing he can't do something yet. He does have a heavy noggin' so I can imagine his struggle and frustration. But not today. Today was unlike all those other days. Today, with a little help from our trusty pillow, when I set him down, he just held that head high like it was no big deal! Grandad and I made such a big deal of his new trick. He can hold it now for about a minute or two before it just gets too heavy. We'll keep "training" and practicing but I know he'll be there soon. Yeah little man for all your hard head work!

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