Nov 12, 2008

Our Third Week - Life On Our Own

Well, week three for us meant life on our own for a change. With Justin back to work, and my mom back in Abilene, this was Tristan and I's week just the two of us. We stayed very busy running errands and meeting lots of new friends. All in all I think we did great by ourselves. We started off the week with Grandma Jill's birthday... and a visit to our first lifegroup. Tristan is the 4th boy addition to the lifegroup in the past 6 months, so it was so fun to get all our boys together for the first time. We put them all on this "lovesack" for a group picture. Here they are, youngest to oldest...poor baby doesn't know what to think about all these loud parents laughing at them! Just looks like Tristan is saying, "What's up with all this?"
Tristan, Brayden, Jack and Caleb
Then Tristan got to meet lots of mommy's friends this week. First, Brittney and Quinn Poe came to meet Tristan for the first time. Crazy that just a few years ago Brittney and I were pledging Chi-O together and watching episodes of Friends in our dorm room, and now we're moms to these two precious little boys!
Q and Britt brought Tristan a little tiny 25 shirt. Check out the Poe's neat business and ministry here and get your own 25 shirt! This is for sure the coolest t-shirt we own. Goes great with our camo shoes! Thanks guys for hanging out and for our sweet gift!
Then, Tristan got to meet his newest friend, Baby Hayden Kate! (see this blog post all about their first meeting), and Tristan also got to meet my friend Amy Weems, another Baylor friend of mine, who just had her first son last May. I hope to get her little Noah and Tristan together sometime very soon.
And to top it all off, my best friend Shelby came in town to stay with us and meet Tristan too. I was so happy to finally get to introduce them to each other and hang out all weekend! (see this blog post about fun times with Aunt Shelby).

We missed dad alot this week, and vice versa! We went up to his work at BluefishTV to bring him lunch and meet all the neat people he works with. It was fun getting to see how happy and proud Justin was to show off his son! We will have to make sure to come up there again soon!
And we also went for our first family walk to the park. Hopefully just the first of many little walks we'll take together. We're thankful to have a park so close to be able to walk to. It was good to get out together and the weather was gorgeous! Of course Tristan just slept through the whole soon as we strolled back through the front door, he decided to open his eyes. Maybe he'll wake up and enjoy the view next time!
And some more random snapshots from our third week at home...

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