Nov 12, 2008

Meeting Baby Hayden Kate

I can't tell you how excited Tristan and I were last week to meet our newest friend, baby Hayden Kate!!! It's been such a blessing to be able to go through these past nine months with my friend Jessica, to talk about all the ups and downs of pregnancy together! Her sweet little girl was supposed to come two weeks before Tristan, but of course he couldn't let her be the older woman, so he decided to make a run for it early. She, very ladylike, decided to follow the rules and come right when she was supposed to. I'm so excited for Jessica, Scott and Emmy, and I just know our little ones will have lots of memories together over the next few years. Congratulations Rowes...Hayden is BEAUTIFUL! We can't wait to come play!!!

Jessica and I have pre-planned our children for each other, so I made sure Tristan dressed up nice in his little Polo shirt to impress her. As you'll see, I'm not so sure how impressed they were with each other this first time. Who needs love at first sight anyway right?

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