Oct 30, 2008

Our First Week in Snapshots

I wish I could write a post about every day we've had Tristan at home. So much has happened, and we've had so much fun getting to know this little guy. We are very blessed to have such a content, happy little boy. We've fallen in love with him already and count each snuggle, kiss, squeak and yes even diaper change a blessing. Justin was able to take a week off of work to be with us and we had a treasured time getting to know our new baby boy and just hanging out the three of us. Some highlights of the week were Tristan's first wipe-down, first bath, first Michigan State game with dad, meeting friends like Haylie B. and Marty and Jackie Mosley, listening to Tristan's squeaker cry and snort, cuddling, going to the Dr, sleeping in my big crib, and saying hello to Grandma Gigi just to name a few. Here are some snapshots of our first week at home.

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Kristina said...

sharee he is adorable and Looks so much like you!