Nov 1, 2008

Our 2nd Week in Snapshots...

Our second week is almost over now with only two more days to go. Hard to believe that almost two weeks ago this cute little baby was in my tummy! Crazy! This week was full of activity it seemed like. Sadly, dad had to go back to work on Monday, but thankfully Grandma Gigi was able to come help, help, help and hang out with us all week, so that made it a little better having to say goodbye to dad each day.Another really great treat was getting to meet Grandad Greg for the first time!!! He was able to sneak down to Dallas on a business trip and meet his first grandson! Only a few more weeks until Tristan gets to meet even more of Justin's family...we can't wait!Perfectly content sleeping in Grandad's lapThe best part of the week was being able to spend so much time with family... Aunt Kim, Uncle Shayne, Wes, Wilson, and Wylie Kate all came over to love on Tristan and dinner with us one night. I'm so thankful they live so close and we can get together to "play."
Some other highlights of our second week together included Tristan learning how to eat really well, going to the Doc, meeting/seeing friends like Lindsay, a bunch of friends from Chandler Elementary, and Lair, Jessica and Emmy. I love getting to introduce Tristan to so many of our's so fun! They all comment on how little he is which makes me purposefully take in and treasure every snuggle and cuddle I'm getting with him now while he still lets me!

Lindsay brought Tristan this funny little hat which made us laugh so hard! It's adorable! Not sure what Tristan thinks about it though!
Tristan, what do you think about your new hat?
Well, I love our little puppy dog...can't get much cuter!
Some of my sweet friends and coworkers from Chandler came by to meet Tristan, bring us some meals and gifts and just catch up. Seems like it's been forever since I've seen them! I promise I will bring little dude up to school soon for everyone to meet.
Our good friends Jessica and Emmy came over to see us again with a fun surprise guest! Our friend Lair was in town from Little Rock and got to come meet Tristan too! We had fun hanging out in Tristan's room and watching Emmy practice playing with a new baby, which she'll need in for her own baby sister in just a few short days! Aren't those the cutest little pigtails ever?
Tristan also did alot of sleeping again this week...we are so thankful! We learned he will sleep ANYWHERE, takes after his mother I think, in the car, in a room full of adults and kids, some even crying, in his crib, in his pack-n-play, in his bassinet (thank you Dayna for this beautiful bassinet, it's perfect in our living room!) in mom's arms...just anywhere. We hear this won't last forever so we're thankful for our little sleeper now making it easier on mom and dad.
Daddy had a busy week back at work so we're sooo excited to get all weekend to hang out with him now! We also "celebrated" (I use that word loosely, we just took pictures really) of Tristan's first Halloween. (More pictures will come later in a separate post.)And today, we ended our second week giving Grandma Gigi some last snuggles and kisses before having to say goodbye for now. I can't say how thankful I am that she got to stay with us this week. She was such an encouragement, reassurance, and help as I am learning how to be a good mom. I can't thank her enough for all she did for all of us these past seven days. We love you Gigi...can't wait to see you again time bring Pop with you, special request from Tristan, okay?And here are some more random snapshots of our fun times together this week...


Summer, Justin, Blake, and Baby Brother said...

He is so beautiful Sharee!! I can't wait to meet him soon!! Thanks for keeping us updated with the posts! :)

Poefam said...

Sharee, he is really beautiful! I'm not just saying that...he REALLY is so precious! I think he looks like you!!! We're going to come by on Monday, ok...we're well and still DYING DYING DYING to hold him and take pictures!!!! Love you!

Kristina said...

He's do darn cute!!!!!!!