Oct 29, 2008

Tristan's First "Bath"

....was a learning experience for us all. You knew he had to think, "Do you guys really not know what you're doing at all?" But I know we'll get it down pat soon little guy, don't worry. I do have to give it to Justin for "going for it" and being the "bathe-er" for our first sponge bath and hair wash. After a few squeaks, a couple of screams, a peed on mom and camera, and some baby shampoo, we came out with a clean and happy baby boy. All in all there is nothing more cuddly than a fresh and clean baby wrapped up all cozy in his bath towel!

Clean and Cuddly!!


Rains Family said...

Gracious! What an adorable little pumpkin. Love the bath story-made me laugh... remembering the first bath- enjoy it. Now I just say "sit down" "no, you can't drink the water" "uh-oh, you can't eat the soap!" LOL.

Jessica & Matt said...

He's ADORABLE!!!! So sweet! And girl--I have that same cup. I use it to feed the puppies now. I'll have to make a mental note that it will be good for the baby bath, too. :)

Tiffany said...

I LOVE the sweet scent of baby right after bath time! Seth is the official bath taker here (I think I have done a total of 5-10). It's his special time when he gets home from work & I can check e-mail, update my blog, clean up dishes, or do whatever I want.